Supplier Overview

Thank you for your inquiry. 

We will be in touch soon.  In the meantime, here is an overview of the program for your review.  

We’re looking for a strong team of suppliers to support our VIP hotel partners.  If you would like to be a part of the Hotelable network, please consider this your startup guide.

 We are seeking suppliers that are committed to providing excellent products that are designed to enhance the guest experience, unparalleled customer service and support, and timely delivery at a competitive price.

Here is what we will do to support you:    

-We will serve as a powerful and dedicated online portal for sales and fulfillment of your products, including structuring contract pricing models to support all constituencies. 

-We will market the site along with your products and offerings to all Hotelable customers and prospects in the hospitality industry. 

-We will maintain the website, all content, advertising, social media marketing, and supporting technology to maximize the effectiveness and growth of the Hotelable business in the interest of all of our partners. 

-We will manage online customer support in concert with your fulfillment and customer service operations.


Hotelable is dedicated to providing a consistent and streamlined customer experience.   

For this reason, we ask that all partners work with us in a similar manner:

-We want to make sure that all pricing is competitive so that our customers keep coming back. 

-We seek a modest markup to cover our expenses, marketing, and to generate a revenue stream that will sustain our mission; we request your candor, recommendations, and partnership in determining pricing appropriate to your product categories.  We will utilize a substantial portion of proceeds to fuel the ongoing marketing and advertising of the portal.   

-We ask that all partners include free “Standard” ground shipping at a minimum in their product pricing and work within our pricing model for our other options of “Expedited”, and “Priority” shipping.

-We ask that all partners utilize our third-party supplier portal to manage available inventory levels, to coordinate fulfillment, as well as to submit customer tracking information.  There is a modest licensing fee of $50 per month (our cost), and if you have the capability, it can also be integrated with your fulfillment operation for a modest connection fee. 

-We ask that all supplier partners provide Hotelable customers direct access to your customer service, technical service, as well as returns and warranty support operations, via phone and email at a minimum. 

All supplier submissions, including products, content, and pricing are subject to approval by